We believe that this program is best answer regarding to sustainability, by recycling your old shoes instead of throwing them away you are helps us
  1. Reduce waste.
  2. Reduce our footprint.
  3. Help to give back someone in need.      
      How it works
      Easy and simple.
      1- You send us an email or click here
      2- We send you a prepaid UPS shipping label, you return your old shoes( all brands are accepted ) 
      3- Once your shoes are scanned in for a return, we’ll send you $30 of recycling cash that can be applied to your next order.
      What exactly  happen to your old shoes ?
      We clean, we repair, we donate to mission to our partners soles4souls in canada or we recycle to a new shoes.
      ***This program is only available in Canada  for now!
      R3 CONCEPT, Small Step in right direction.